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bathroom after
bathroom before
Renovated bathroom with a redesigned toilet area
Doorway from a bathroom to a bedroom prior to being renovated
New counters, sinks, and mirrors in a renovated bathroom
White bathroom countertops prior to being renovated
Redesigned bathroom with spacious walk-in shower
A small bathroom with a tub and walk-in shower
An innovative redesign of a master bedroom with a new abstract bedframe
A master bedroom with a wooden bedframe prior to renovations
A kitchen redesigned to be much more spacious with new white cabinets and a stone countertop
A small kitchen with wood cabinets prior to being renovated
Redesigned kitchen with new cabinets and countertops
kitchen before
Redesigned foyer with new flooring and decor
A home’s tile floor foyer prior to being renovated
Small kitchen after renovations have been completed
Before image of a small kitchen before renovations
Redesigned laundry room with kitchen amenities
Laundry and dog room before a renovation.
A white wood seating area with cushions and a natural wood table.
A kitchen before it's remodeled.