A modern kitchen with bold yet subdued colors and island.

Every year, new kitchen remodeling trends change the way we think about interior home design; in 2022, it’s no exception. Kitchen designers are finding new and creative twists to bring kitchen design to new heights, and there are a variety of trends that have gained popularity. Discover the upcoming kitchen design trends 2022 you can include in your home.

Bolder Color Options

One of the notable kitchen design trends on the rise is implementing bolder and brighter color options. From the pantry and cabinets to the island and kitchen sink, all kitchen appliances can benefit from the use of more colorful hues. Here are some of the more prominent color palettes that are making a splash in kitchens in 2022 and the reasons you ought to consider them:

  • Shades of green cultivate a neutral feel while also making the interior of the home closer to nature.
  • Warmer and sunny colors, like pink or yellow, can help liven up the kitchen by making it brighter.
  • Calm shades of blue are an excellent option for those who want their home to appear more open.

Layering Patterns Together

Selecting bold color palettes isn’t the only kitchen design trend to make your interior appear more vivid. Some homeowners opt to mix different patterns together to make an almost quilt-like appearance. You can apply this kitchen remodeling trend to the walls or implement dark and light wood tones to create patterned floors.

Natural Materials, Natural Feel

Another kitchen remodeling trend for 2022 partially took form due to supply chain issues, as some homeowners are repurposing old building materials to cultivate a more natural feel. For example, incorporating reclaimed wood can create a rustic wood grain feel. Many natural materials, such as walnut wood, can help your kitchen appear natural, minimal, and distinct. Additionally, utilizing stone and cement allows designers to accomplish a natural feel without relying solely on wooden materials.

Two Kitchen Islands are Better Than One

While many kitchens harbor one large island for meal prep, one kitchen remodeling trend involves splitting that island into two. By having two smaller islands, homeowners will have more space to work and walk in their kitchen. Two distinctive islands will allow families to have separate places to cook and have their meals, as well as relax or work on homework. There are also numerous ways to design unique islands that guests will remember, such as implementing bolder colors and shapes.

Kitchens Are More Than Just For Cooking

The multi-island kitchen design trend reflects a growing desire to utilize kitchens as more than just a room for meal preparation but also as living spaces akin to living rooms. Adding home decor like chairs, couches, or even banquettes will make the kitchen the true heart of the home due to the enhanced comfort those features provide. The additional comfort and extra seating are perfect for conversations, working from home, and other multifunctional activities. 

After designing your new kitchen, you might want to consider remodeling other rooms in your home as well! If you’re looking for a business that can serve as both a kitchen renovation company and bathroom renovation contractor in Bucks County, PA, reach out to Gemini Home Remodeling today!