A remodeled bathroom.

Planning a modern bathroom remodeling project can be challenging, given how many different options are available and approaches you can take. However, by narrowing down what works best for you, deciding on a design becomes much easier. Let’s take a look at four modern bathroom remodeling ideas you can use as inspiration.


Simplicity is a staple of many modern bathroom remodel ideas, and for a good reason. By focusing less on elaborate decor and ornamentation, minimalistic designs improve functionality and create more space. For example, homeowners who are going for a more uncluttered feel should consider floating vanities.

A hallmark of minimalist modern bathroom remodeling is going for an all-white color palette. When everything is white, it creates a brighter atmosphere that helps the room feel more spacious. Pairing white-colored surfaces with modern fixtures and features will help them stand out even more and make your entire bathroom feel modern as well. Of course, you can achieve simplicity without using white — neutral grays can give off an earthy feel, while creamy whites will establish a more refreshing one.

Bright Colors

While many modern bathroom remodeling designs only include white, there’s nothing stopping you from choosing brighter and bolder colors. Bright colors can help elevate a simple bathroom design into a more fun and exciting one. For instance, a brighter hue can give off a warmer feel than a completely white bathroom would otherwise. Shades of green are great for homeowners who want to promote a more natural ambiance, while other choices, like purple, are more dynamic and stately. However, you don’t have to go all the way with bright colors. Having only a touch of color to contrast more monochromatic tones will make it pop out and add visual interest to an otherwise simplistic space.

Unique Materials

A unique material can take a simple bathroom wall or backsplash and transform it into a more visually distinct one, and there are countless materials and textures you can choose for your modern bathroom remodeling. For example, wood accents and finishes for cabinetry will create a natural feeling for your bathroom. Plus, there are many different types of wood available, allowing you to pick one that has the best hue for your design needs.

Brick is another unique material to consider for your modern bathroom remodeling project. They’re perfect for homeowners who want to create an industrial aesthetic and, if you don’t have an existing brick wall, you can opt for faux brick tiles. Marble is another excellent material and is an ideal choice for those who want a more elegant feel.


If you have a great view from your home, why not take advantage of it? With new windows, you can create a beautiful new view while adding a source of natural lighting to your bathroom. However, if you want more privacy, then consider opting for skylights instead.

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