A modern kitchen design.

Are you planning to renovate your kitchen and want to upgrade to a modern style? If so, then you have numerous modern kitchen remodel ideas to consider. It can be challenging to decide on the best modern kitchen design for your home, so let’s take a look at five ideas you should keep in mind.

Bright White

Simplicity and minimalism are aspects of many contemporary trends, which means it’s only natural that monochrome white is a popular modern kitchen design. Compared to the design trends from yesteryear, many homeowners have opted for a sleeker look by making all the cabinets and other features white. Although it offers consistency, it has other advantages as well. As the brightest color, white reflects light more easily, making the kitchen brighter. In addition, all-white kitchens give off the impression of feeling more spacious and even cleaner, given how it’s easy to see stains and quickly remove them.

A Pop of Color

Although all white kitchens have their place, a modern kitchen design should also utilize a touch of color. Adding some extra visual flair makes a white kitchen stand out and look more visually interesting, whether it’s through installing boldly-colored cabinets or appliances. One great way to contrast white walls is by making your counters a dark color. Additionally, you don’t just have to use colors to make an all-white space look unique — metallic lighting and other fixtures are also excellent choices for modern kitchen remodel ideas.

Wooden Features

Incorporating wooden features into your modern kitchen design will help it feel more natural. For example, hardwood floors are excellent in many situations and pair well with stainless steel appliances commonly used in kitchens for their visual appeal and easy maintenance. However, you can also refine your modern kitchen by using sleek, custom wooden cabinetry.

A Versatile Center Island

Center islands are welcome additions to any kitchen. It can serve as a focal point for your modern kitchen design and give you another space to use for meal preparation and cooking. Plus, it also offers functionality by creating a new space for families to sit and eat together — you can even match the color of the stools or chairs with the island to make them blend in, furthering the visual appeal of your kitchen.

More Space

As the years have progressed, kitchens have become more inviting, open spaces. Some homeowners have chosen to remove entire kitchen walls during their remodel to seamlessly transition to other parts of their house. However, this extra space also creates more room for tables, appliances, and for mobility.

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