A Kitchen Tile Backsplash

The Benefits of a Tile Backsplash in Your Kitchen

If you decide to have a kitchen or bathroom remodeled in Bucks County or other areas, you might encounter a tile backsplash as an option to choose from. A tile backsplash is the decor that covers the wall between the countertop and the upper cabinets of a kitchen. While it’s certainly an eye-catching option that will help your kitchen stand out, it has many other benefits. Here are five advantages of a tile backsplash for your kitchen.

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A Beautiful Shower

Preventing Damage Under Your Shower Tiles — Why You Absolutely Need to Waterproof Your Shower

No bathroom renovation is complete without a waterproof shower. Homeowners spend thousands of dollars to remodel their bathrooms but don’t give much thought to preserving their new home improvement project by waterproofing their shower. The moisture and humidity produced by daily showers can cause significant water damage and mold growth to hide undetected behind your shower tiles for years. 

Water damage can cost you thousands of dollars to fix, and the number can go much higher if the water seeps through your shower tiles and into your walls and floors – eventually rotting your foundation and causing structural damage if left unchecked. In this guide, we’ll take a look at why waterproofing your shower is so important.

Issues Caused by Lack of Waterproofing

Your shower tiles are joined together by grout, which is not as impermeable as you think. Both the tiles and grout are inundated with water when the shower turns on. Over time, this grout will absorb water, which seeps into the walls and floors behind your shower to cause expensive problems. Some issues include:

Water Damage to Other Parts of Your Home

Wood and drywall in your floors and walls absorb moisture and allow it to spread to different parts of your house, causing dampness, bubbles, peeling, and discoloration. Wood floors can warp, while carpet will discolor, eventually costing thousands of dollars to fix depending on the damage.

Mold Growth

Mold can grow on the surface of your grout or underneath. It is easy to clean surface mold with chemical cleaners, but mold below your tiles can remain undetected for years. Eventually, this can seep into the wood and threaten the structural integrity of your home while also causing health issues for your family.

Cracks in Shower

Your shower tiles are often placed on a drywall substrate, which will absorb seeping water. The drywall will then start to expand with the moisture and put additional pressure on the tiles, which will eventually crack. You will need to replace these cracked tiles (or the whole shower) depending on the damage.

Why Waterproof Your Shower?

Waterproofing is a practical and inexpensive way to prevent all these issues in your bathroom, making your bathroom safer and healthier for everyone. While waterproofing may cost you a chunk of change, the payoff is well worth it in the damage you are able to prevent.

What Waterproofing Are You Using?

There are different options for waterproofing your shower. Waterproof membranes have been commonly used behind shower tiles to hold in any water leaks. Since water cannot pass through, your walls and floors stay protected. While effective, it is labor-intensive and requires a more lengthy installation process. 

Ultra Bond technology is an alternative, more flexible option because your contractor can waterproof the shower without the need to remove tiles. This is effective at preventing water from leaking through your grout or tiles in the first place.

If you are looking to waterproof your basement, shower, or any other part of your home and need the right solution, give the professionals at Gemini Home Remodeling a call today. We can help!